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Saturday, December 29, 2018

How to Relax the Mind And Body

We all live in this era of time which I call, "Busy Human Syndrome".  And sadly, Relaxing just has become a forgotten practice. It is not being taught in schools or at home.
Relaxation is done in many different forms, but it all requires practically the same start which is awareness. Relaxation is a term that we all know of however it is becoming an art that is not practiced in our daily busy lives. Although, It is vital to good health. So, let us all make a difference in our own lives by adding Relaxation to a part of our daily life to-do list.
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How to Relax The Mind And Body

Mind Relaxation- Take a deep breath but also bring the attention to the breath while breathing in. Count to 4 breathing in, and hold for 4, then release the breath for the count of 6. It is important to keep the attention on the breath and the rise and fall of the body while you are breathing. By doing this several times, you will immediately notice that the constant realm of thoughts that are normally going through your mind has slowed down so much. Congrats, you have relaxed the mind. 

Body Relaxation- With the same directions as the mind relaxing first, you will then use your attention to bring awareness to many different parts of your body. Places that you feel the tension, pain, un-comfort, etc. For example, say to yourself out loud these parts of the body. If your shoulders are tensed, take a deep breathe and say "shoulders relax as I breathe out". Release your breathe and feel with intention the shoulders relaxing, unlike any other relaxation that you have ever felt. 
how to relax, how to relax my mind and body, body and mind relaxing

Smart Tip

While relaxed, try to stay present. Be aware of any thoughts or feelings that arise but at the same time allow them to pass without you riding into them.

There are some powerful benefits to Relaxing and actually probably one of the healthiest things you can add to your daily lifestyle.

The "Art Of Relaxing", The Many Ways And Benefits

Relaxation is not just something we can do before sleep. It is actually something that we can make a habit of having all day even in the daily activities that we must do. And by incorporating it, it also has life-changing health benefits to it. So it is a win-win practice. You keep your sanity and gain better health in one. Below we will go over just some of the ways and benefits of Relaxation.

7 Healing Benefits Of Relaxation

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  1. Lowered blood pressure and increased blood flow-
     By relaxing, we breathe in a steady and calm way. This allows our blood pressure to stabilize and by breathing deep and steady we allow the blood to flow better.
  2. A decrease in anxiety, depression, and insomnia -
      anxiety, and depression are often caused by overthinking and worry or fear. By practicing to relax and be in present awareness of our thoughts, we can train ourselves to not dramatize over the thoughts that are habit made.
  3. Relaxed muscles-
    Deep breathing is rejuvenating. Simply put.
  4. A boost in energy and better sleep patterns-
    When we learn to love and care about the inside energy of our bodies. We will see the results in the physical parts of our lives as well.
  5. A sense of calmness and confidence-
    when relaxing we are calming. When we are calm, we breathe better, think better, and plan better. This naturally leads us to better self-confidence.
  6. Improved coping abilities-
    Learning to relax causes you naturally to be able to catch thought patterns and also emotional patterns.
  7. Decreased heart rate and respiration rate - 
  8. busy living requires our bodies to be in busy mode all the time. Learning to relax will not only calm the effects of aches and pains but will also relax the heart rate and breathing. 

6 Ways to add Relaxation in your everyday lives. 

Adding the art of relaxing as a daily practice in your home and family will bring the benefits above and the great thing is there is many different ways that you can do this. Make it fun and even a game for children. Relaxation is a gift. And should be treated as such. But we often make a habit of making it look like a burden. Below you will find only six of the many ways you can add Relaxation into your life.
benefits of relaxing, ways to relax, ways to relax and the benefits

  • Breathing. Learning to control breathing (through exercises like deep breathing) will help the body take in more oxygen, which helps to relieve anxiety, slow heart rate and stabilize blood pressure.
  • Meditation. There are several different forms of meditation that involve chanting mantras, performing specific postures and using breathing exercises that encourage positive body awareness and a sense of peace. 
  • Yoga. This popular practice and Art also combine certain postures with breathing exercises. Not only does yoga help to relax the mind, but it also improves your flexibility, muscle tone and balances the chakras and other systems in our body.
  • Tai Chi. This is movement sets that incorporate slow, circular motions with deep rhythmic breathing, calming meditation and self-massage. They're great for light exercise, improving circulation and gaining a sense of energy.
  • Flex and Release.  By tensing and releasing muscles gradually, you will become aware of how your body feels when it is stressed or when relaxed.
  • Visualization. By connecting visual images and physical sensations, you can be in control of the visual details. Imagine a relaxing setting and focusing on its details, this makes it easy to eliminate all the stressful thoughts and focus on calming your body.
  • Hypnosis.  This helps to tune out distracting brain activity like thoughts and causes you to focus on suggestions related to positive thinking.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Think yourself out of Addiction.

I am going to be blunt. As long as you are on the following lane of  once a addict, always a addict, you can't possibly feel any better. This is simply not the truth. You can choose to fight these demons everyday of your life, or you can choose to exclude them from your mind and body. I think I would take the alternative anyway. Think yourself out of the addiction you have. 

How you can think and feel your self out of the horrible addiction that has taken over you. 

Lets look at it in a way that may be more understandable. you are used to everyone saying that you need to get clean and stop doing whatever you are addicted to. You know this to be true. Also known as your belief system and the person with the advice has a belief system. The power of knowing this belief system is knowing the other parts of science that proves that we can change our beliefs. So how is this done. Well here is my treat to you.
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4 Steps To A New re-Affirmed and  Non-Addicted You

1. Have a want to attitude 

First and very importantly you must have the want to. This means that you have to be determined to put this to action and when you do this, you will find a motivation that you never had.

2. Affirmations

Have you ever heard the saying, "fake it until you make it"?  Well, this stands very true. We humans really do have that power that we always thought was Impossible. 
Here are a few affirmations that I highly recommend you using. 
I am not the addiction in me. 
I am stronger than any force of addiction. 
I am believing in me for a better life. 
I feel great today and choose to let no one ruin this feeling. 
I stay motivated all day long to see my new found freedom
I am more powerful than words. 
I feel the power of the Universe cleansing me. 
I choose wholeness and healthiness. 
I am becoming a brand new me and deleting the old me. 
I have power beyond anything that can take over me. 
I am not my addiction, And my addiction is not me. 
Every day I am Stronger And Wiser. 

3. Change the crowd

Even though you feel connected to this group of people and it is understandable why. Science has proven that who we surround ourselves with is who we will become. Think in this way, We all are surrounded by a energetic aura that is invisible. However, the people that we hang around also have these. When our energies blend we are only adding back in us what we are working to take out. So if you are still around addicts, its like trying to clean the dirt out of the yard. Don't work to well. So, even if they are family, you must take some time away. And by taking the time away you can actually learn to help them. It is not to say that you can't ever go back around them. However, in a addictive state of mind, it means that your thoughts take over your actions. So being away is only strengthening your cure. 

4. Help others (Important)

 Giving back is one of the surest ways to see the positive changes that you want to create. Once you have took some time for you. Start giving the advice that helped you to the others that you are wanting to help get better. By giving out of love, you are still stating affirmations even to yourself.  As I always say, " Being the teacher is sometimes the best learning strategy".
If you know someone else who could use these steps to make a change, please share. This is important. The truth is you don't need to spend a lot of money on rehab. By doing that, you are only having some one tell you how you should work. And that isn't the way us humans were intended to work. So show the world what real freedom is. Know the power of thoughts, and how they play part in your every day life. When you see this, you will know how exactly to come from the bottom, and up the tip. We have got to stop letting everyone else tell us how we should live and we should go out and live to our own clean and healthy expectation. 

Good luck on your journey of getting to a better you and helping better others. 

Think it through, Because You will eventually Think It TRUE

As the title states. Think it through. Because you will eventually think it True. If you are wondering why thinks keep happening in your life, you might be surprised to find out that it may just be something you are doing. Below I will tell you about how science has proven that are believes plus thoughts actually create the reality that our eyes experience.

Be Careful What You Think About It, Because You Actually  Think It True!

think something true, how to think something trueThe title speaks for itself and Science has proven it to be true. What we think about is what is manifested into the reality that our eyes see. That sounds great doesn't it. Not so fast, there is another part to that. Did you know that everytime we think of a memory, that memory becomes our present thought? So now, when that thought is thought of, there is a feeling, a energy, that is brought out. This energy explains how we can think about something that hurt us and feel hurt or angry just by the thought. This is proven now by science. So do you see why it is important to pay close attention to the direction our thoughts take us?  If you still don't see this importance,  here is another shocker.

The power of feelings and thoughts.

the power feelings and thoughts Have you ever thought about what God meant when he said when he says, Ask and you shall recieve? How have you been taught to ask for the things you pray for? Through Thoughts and Prayers, Right? But what exactly is Prayer? AHA, There is the key question and when you get through reading this, you will know why you aren't seeing the signs of God given you what you asked for if you have been trying your best asking for life changes or whatever you may be asking for.

Feelings are the second part of asking when prayer. Because we can't see our feelings we often don't think of how we are feeling when we ask for things. But if we think a thought, and have a negative feeling then we get the thought but not really the way we wanted. It is true that the eyes deceive us. We have a human habit of only believing what is before our eyes.

My  passion is letting the world know this, and I hope that you can use this to find a way to manifest great things into your life.
If you are battling with addiction of any, I highly ask you to check out my article on Self Help For Addictive mindset.. 

Self help for the addictive mindset

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Self Help For Addictive Mindset - Recover at Home

Everyone is so busy worrying about what is going in their bodies and they aren’t even paying attention
to the mind and what we allow in it. The secret of Knowing that ideas create the that we live in every day is now proven by science..   However, There is still yet so many people out there that still don’t even know this vital piece of information. That is the sad part because knowing this one piece of information is the silver lining between thoughts and reality.
This is the other part of the Bible, and That is what The Lord, God, and Jesus were telling us as their speaking thought words in the Bible and I don’t think anyone should have to pay thousands for simply learning how part of us work.
I want to make an impact. I want to see mental health and addiction rates down in America,
giving the people the power back. Let's start the simple understanding of how you can start making changes to your addictive behavior at home and for free with a little bit of mental mindset changing.
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Self Help For Addiction Mindset- The Great Plan Of Changing

The Mental Mindset

The thought that we think most is the reality we will see. What we think is what we will see. So I
would advise you to get away from the people that think that addiction can't be cured or that once a addict always an addict! We hold a power that only people searching will find. We have the great ability to change our beliefs! This is the best knowledge to have because with this knowledge you can completely change anything about you that you want to change. And the best thing is that it is not that hard. It just takes persistence and repetition. Think about the mental challenges that our world faces.
Depression, anxiety, judgment, etc. God has prepared us through his word. The ego is what keeps us from seeing the deeper meaning of the words he tells us. He is coming back through anger in the hotheads of Humanity. So wake up America. We, "the citizens" are behind in our power of neuro ability.
We humans have more power than we realize. If you think that you will always be poor, you will be.
It is the law. If you think that and work toward riches, you will still be poor. It is the law.
T he power is in the mind. The mental state is literally what is at stake with God, the universe, or
Whatever your higher power is. This is the secret that many don’t even know. It Is True, just as we have laws that we live this reality with, we have laws that govern the universe as well, and science is
expanding every day into finding more power within ourselves, our individual selves.
Self Help For Removing Addiction Mindset,self help for addiction mindset, cure your addiction at home, healing from addiction

Step 1. Set An Intention.

What habit are you wanting to break? What is something you could do that will replace your thoughts
when these old programmed ways sneak up on you. Simply knowing how the thoughts in our heads work can mean the difference between mind clutter and mental organization.

Step 2. Fake It And Feel It To Create.

What I mean here by fake it is that say it even if you don’t believe it, and think of the feeling of having it.
Here is a perspective that I want to throw out to you guys. No, this will not be something that will have you cured of an addiction overnight, so I want to make that clear. However, It would be fair to say that if you really pay attention you will notice a slight shift potentially overnight. And this can be used as even higher motivation. The point in this one is that you do have the ability to help yourself. You don’t need a counselor that you will pay 100’s of dollars to. Are you ready?

How many times have you said out loud, “I Am (Insert Here)”? How are you saying it? Is it good or bad? Are you saying you are strong and courageous or Are you saying you are happy and free?

Step 3. Act As If You Are Living The Wanted Intention

Even in the conscious state remember to stay aware of how you are using your words. Words are powerful. Some know this and use it to their advantage, and some know this and change the world around them.
Every morning or every time we blink is a chance for you to see a new reality or to be born again, a whole re-do on life if you choose. It only takes the pause. Stop and pause and find the cause of the reason for a change. Focus on the cause and the feeling of the cause and there is nothing that can't be recieved through this beautiful reality. The problem is, selfishness is used for the gain on the people who know this and they use this as a gain to have confused people like some of you to the benefit of their own greed.

How to Relax the Mind And Body

We all live in this era of time which I call, "Busy Human Syndrome".  And sadly, Relaxing just has become a forgotten practice. I...